Send_email_on_mark_paid - not working

Getting ready to go live on IN I have noticed this feature is not working. I have a tried it a couple times to test recipients and the email is not received, no errors to be found. Doing a regular send invoice after marking as paid works as expected with invoice including PAID stamp.

This option is also titled unlike the others “send_email_on_mark_paid” is this a work in progress?

Additional note: On the dashboard recent updates it does say that an email is being sent.

Thank you


@david can you please advise?

Additional question if/when this is working: What email template is used? I am hoping it will be the “thank you for your payment” template.

You can configure the payment email on Settings > Templates & Reminders.

Right I get that you can make changes to the email template itself…but I do not see where you can actually initiate that email manually. When I mark an invoice paid manually…I can only resend the “invoice” email not a “thank you for payment” email. I don’t want customers to see another “invoice” email saying $0 due but rather a thank you for payment confirmation email with PAID stamped PDF.

Thank you

I’m not sure, in my tests when I create a manual payment and check “Send email” I receive a “Thank you for your payment” email.

This is not entering a payment amount, but marking paid in full.


That method also works for me if I enable the option in the payment settings.

Are you using the “make payment” option or “mark as paid” ? I am talking about using the mark as paid option not initiating an email. The settings referenced are enabled.

So weird…it worked this last time. I seem to be having some intermittent smtp relay issues, likely the cause of this. I will mark as solved. Thanks for your time.