SelfHosted: Update without download zip and upload by FTP, possibile?

I write to you from Italy where … we are upgrading Internet connection but for now my home still have less than 1 MB in upload… so I want ask if you think I can upgrade in this way:

  1. Made a copy of the database

  2. I copy my invoice folder in a safe backup place

  3. I can do an SSH command for download the compressed file from github and have it in my public_html?
    ( I don’t know how I can do this, download the file directly from SSH)

  4. I can remove the old invoice folder and replace with the new

  5. I can reload the page and I should be redirected into setup for upgrade.

I AM trying to understand if there is a way to skip the process to download in my PC than upload in the server with less than 1 MB in upload.
Thank you!

PS: I discovered that invoiceninja cannot be installed without a license in Softacolous … sad to learn that :slight_smile:

If you use the code from GitHub you’ll need to run composer install to download the 3rd party libs, if you use the self host zip the files are included.

I use the self host zip and for update I AM downloading in my PC the new version (from your website self-host) for upload again via FTP.
I saw the update page but maybe I AM not understanding well?

I understood to replace all folder file than when I will run again the url for login will be a setup to upgrade… or just I do not need download noting and load a update URL?
Sorry I AM confused and new :slight_smile:

You want to copy the new files over the old ones, it’s important the original .env remains.

Once the new code is copied over it should automatically upgrade, if it doesn’t you can use the manually steps listed in the docs.

You want to copy the new files over the old ones, it’s important the original .env remains.

Why in the Update article is not indicated that .env file should be not replaced? Is in total two .env files?
.env.example and .env.travis ?

I AM asking if I can skip to download on my PC the new version from your website and re-upload it by FTP. There are a way to download directly from SSH the archive or I must do what I AM doing: download on my PC and reupload at 0,50 MB?


There’s no .env file in the zip so when copying over the files the current .env file shouldn’t be overwritten.

Maybe you can download the zip directly from your server to skip the first step?

Maybe you can download the zip directly from your server to skip the first step?

Yes I need to learn how.
Thank you for your help.


Did you try to get it with wget command ?
Try this on your server after connecting with ssh.

If you don’t have wget on your server, maybe you’ll have to install it.
If your on Debian like :
apt-get update && apt-get install wget
on RedHat like, something with yum.
yum install wget


Thank you, wget works fine :slight_smile:

Hey peopleinside,
That’s exactly what I do when I need to update. As the ZIP file weights in about 90 mb, I don’t want to download it then upload to the server, so I just SSH and WGET and bam, it’s done.

Only problem (at least for me) is that the ZIP file contains a first-level folder called NINJA. As I installed the app without that first-level folder, I have to unzip it to a temporary folder and then move the files. If it weren’t for that, I could simply WGET it to the same installation folder and unzip directly from there.

Thanks a lot, wget is the best way to update the app as the zip file is 100 MB and unzipped is also more. Ninja invoice, wonderful :slight_smile:

Thanks @denisgomes , @pat_uxware , @Hillel Coren

Have a very nice, great time!
With Love.
from the crazy Italy :slight_smile: