selfHosted error something went wrong pdf invoicing bad gateway

Hello, When i am accessing the app i get an error something went wrong and. in the storage/logs/laravel.log →
[2024-07-08 09:52:14] production.ERROR: Unable to generate the raw PDF {“userId”:11,“exception”:"[object] (App\Exceptions\FilePermissionsFailure(code: 0): Unable to generate the raw PDF at /home/u170455297/domains/

and pdf are not generated
when i try the url i get bad gateway from cloudflare

what could be the issue ?


We’re looking into the issue now.

Thanks it just worked for me now

Running into the same issue on a self-hosted instance. Details see Can't preview or download PDF invoice · Issue #285 · YunoHost-Apps/invoiceninja5_ynh · GitHub

Seems to be related to the tinymce mceCodeEditor which isn’t available on my server. Anyone has an idea about a fix? Thanks.