Self updater runs into server error


what is the recommandet way to update to the latest version when the self updater didnt works? Self updater runs into “server error”.

Actual Version: v5.1.43-C45


I suggest copying over the zip file

Okay thank you. After that i get: image

Which version is reported, do you see the new changes?

Yes it is the new version: v5.1.53-C47

Ok, I think the cached version number just needs to update then

Okay, is everything OK with my installation? Or can I clear the update cache?

If you’ve copied everything over, the only thing left to do would be to run the /update?secret= route

Is it right that i get a error 500?

I go to:

500|GET /update?secret=helloworld 
200|GET /flutter_service_worker.js

The problem is still existing.

Can you please post the details about the 500 error from the logs in storage/logs/