Self Signup / One Time Payment / Subscription

It’s not uncommon where you might see something like this where PayPal provides you an easily embeddable subscription / buy now link for a product.


This is also similar to how after installing the free Version of Invoice Ninja you can optionally self signup and pay for a White Label license. I would like to be able to achieve something like this where someone could either for a one time buy now or self sign up for a subscription allowing people who are not my clients to create a new client and make a payment that is tracked through Invoice Ninja.

Is there a recipe or any guidance on how I can achieve this sort of flow?


In v4 you can create a buy now link on Settings > Client Portal, this isn’t yet supported in v5

Is there currently an issue for this that I can track?

We’re tracking it in this project

Is the buy now / self registration feature now offered in the hosted version of version 5? I can’t find any buy now buttons?

This page suggests that buy now is in the advanced settings but this is for version 4.5?

And this link suggests buy now links are done…

Am I missing something?

Here are the relevant v5 docs:

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