Self-Hosting Update Process

I’ve just started using the self-hosting version and I’d like to know the best process to update my server. I just downloaded version 2.9.5 and unzipped over the current install, did the /update and got updated successfully. Is that all there is to it? How about the composer piece? I’m not familiar with composer but do I need to update it somehow or does the /update process do all that for me? How about using the “git” process? Is that a better process?



Assuming there are no errors that’s all there is to it.

We include the third party libraries with our self host zip so you don’t need to use composer, if you download the code from GitHub you’d need to run composer install.

If you plan on making changes to the code we advise using Git.

Ok thanks!

I’m trying to update from 4.1.4 (self hosted) and did the following:

Unzipped all files into public_html (as this is where I have my files, not in “ninja”) and then went to /update but nothing.

Just wondering if the process might have changed…?

You may need to delete bootstrap/cache/compiled.php