self-hosting - Sending Emails with Postmark


As I wankt to know, if my mails have been read, I started using Postmark.

BUT unfortunately, my selfhosted V4.5.16 is not able to send Mails, only with Postmark API setting:


I need to use the Postmark SMTP settings to send my invoices.

Second topic, webhook OPEN/BOUNCE
is there a How-To test the function? Because if I am sending an Email with Postmark SMTP, I did not get an information, if email was opened or not.
I already enabled OPEN-Tracking including & webhook settings


  1. Not sure I understand, are you saying you’d like to use a different provider than Postmark?

  2. You need to use the app itself to test it.


No, I want to use postmark to send my mails from invoiceninja, not an different provider.
I tried to enter API key and mail_from…
in laravel-info.log I also get those messages:

[2019-11-03 14:43:38] production.INFO: Sending email - To: | Reply: | From: [] []
 [2019-11-03 14:50:07] production.INFO: Sending email - To: | Reply: | From: [] []
 [2019-11-03 14:50:08] production.INFO: Sending email - To: | Reply: | From: [] []

But I did not receive any email, also on postmark, I did not see any sent Email.