Self Hosting - PDF Invoice Footer, Comments, and Terms


I am using the Business Theme on self hosted version 4.2.0. One issue I have always had and cannot seem to correct is that when the footer is set to display on all pages the terms and comments “bleed” into the footer. I have attempted to stop this by changing the margins, but nothing works except changing the footer to only display on the last page. Though I am using the business theme, this happens on all themes. Does anyone know how to make this display correctly?

Also, I would like to always display the comments and terms on the last page with nothing else on the same page. I do not see a setting to do this and also do not see any css that could do this either. Does anyone know how to make the public comments and terms always display on the last page with nothing else on the page?

Thanks in advance,

You should be able to fix it by increasing the bottom page margin, what do you have set on the ‘Margins’ tab?

Here’s an example of forcing a page break:

FYI… we’ve had the issue reported by a few users, we’ll attempt to fix it in our next major release.

Margins Tab is as follows:

array [4]
0 : 40
1 : 40
2 : 40
3 : 80

I tried messing with these and increasing them, but it never seemed to make a difference.

I will see if I can get the page break to work for the second part.

Also, I tried messing with the pageBreak, but it just gives parse errors. Any thoughts on where and how to insert a pagebreak for the terms and notes?

Here’s an example