Self Hosted

Is it possible to move a local copy of invoice ninja to a hosting server?

I have tried but I just get a blank screen.

You should be able to transfer your data and settings using the JSON import/export

I’m still getting just a blank screen -

any ideas what is causing this?

if I put an index.html in the <Public> folders it serves the page, I’m not sure it is parsing php?

You may want to try setting up a test phpinfo page

@hillel test.php works fine, maybe you can tell what is wrong from the info? -

Same issue here. I’m hosting invoiceninja inside docker according to

It worked flawless for a year but since a few weeks ago, all I get is a blank screen as described by @sancler-property

Are there any errors in the web server error log?

Check the .env file, maybe you added some long text with spaces without using " at the beginning and at the end

The .env file is very picky about spaces

This won’t work:
MAIL_FROM_NAME=Invoice Ninja

This will work:
MAIL_FROM_NAME=‘Invoice Ninja’

Having a bad .env file gets you a blank screen