Self-Hosted V4.4.2: Add templates to DB

Thanks Hillel,

So I solved my previous issue by using the Custom templates, 1 for the EN invoice and 1 for the FR invoice.

Now I have another issue with the respective “Quote” document creation and for that I would need 2 more Custom slots however I only have 1 left!!

Now, in the forum I found an old answers of yours:

  1. I tried to add 2 templates (1 for the EN and 1 for the FR) to the DB and create a .js template (in storage/templates), cleared the cache and I cannot see the new templates. Is that approach (from 2015) still valid?

  2. I see some javascript in the DB for some templates (Clean, Bold, Modern, Plain) and not for others (the rest). Is this why I have an issue with point 1?

There are no errors on Lavarel log.

Thanks for your help.

  1. I think you’d need to re-use existing templates, not add new ones.

  2. The javascript is no longer used since we switched to pdfmake.

Thanks Hillel,

  1. Works perfectly :slight_smile:
  2. Good to know as I say fragments in the DB (fresh install) and was wondering!

Thanks again.