Self hosted update returns parse error


I have just installed the self hosted IN via Softaculous on my Siteground server. Everything went fine but the version installed is instead of as indicated on Softaculous.

I did try to do an automatic update via Softaculous but, after the successful update, according to Softaculous, I get a parse error :

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in ../public_html/ on line 77

I can’t access …/public/update

I did contact Siteground tech support :

Now the Softaculous update should work normally however in some cases some extra steps may be needed in order to fully upgrade the application, so in this case after you restore the application you could try to manually upgrade it to the latest version.

I did try to download the self hosted package I copy it over the files on my domain but I still have the same parsing error.

The Siteground tech guy mention that, in some cases extra steps may be needed !!! What would that be ?

Thanks for your support

BTW, I have a valid licence bought during the Softaculous install process


“Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[‘ in” looks like a PHP version error, the app requires PHP >= 5.4. Sometimes the CLI is running a different version than the web server.


I’m using new hosting and I can’t find Inoice Ninja in Softaculous! and is so hard manual installation.

How did you do it? Where did you find it?

Thz in advance from Barcelona

Once you’ve already installed it for the first time, updating should just be a matter of downloading the ZIP file, unzipping it somewhere (I usually just use /home/<username>/download), then running sudo rsync -vtr . /var/www/ninja/ (or whatever your install directory is) from inside the unzipped folder.

I originally installed via Composer, and I’ve never had an issue updating this way. Pretty sure it works that way across the board, but Hillel could tell you for certain.

Are you seeing any errors?