Self Hosted recurring invoice does not send


I have been using invoice ninja for a while now and I love it. Recently, however, I am having an issue with the recurring invoices sending (either automatically or when I click “send invoice”).

I am self-hosting and the CRON job runs successfully, but it seems that the invoice was not marked for sending:

2017-06-11 07:08:01 Running SendRecurringInvoices... 1 recurring invoice(s) found Processing Invoice 13 - Should send NO 0 due recurring invoice instance(s) found 2017-06-11 07:08:01 Done

I’m not finding any errors anywhere, so I’m at a little bit of a loss as far as where to go from here.

I’m on v.3.3.3 using PHP 7.

Thank you in advance!

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From the output the app is determining the invoice should’t be sent.

What do you see when you click ‘Email Invoice’?

“Successfully emailed invoice”

What’s listed as the ‘Send Next’ date?

Sat Jul 1, 2017, but it was also supposed to send on June 1 and did not.

You may want to check the logs for an error at that time.

You can manually send it by setting the start date to June 1 and then clicking ‘Email Invoice’.

I noticed something interesting. When I go into the generated invoice, click “email invoice”, and view the history tab - it says “this invoice has never been emailed”.

It seems there is some kind of disconnect? This only started happening after I updated to 3.3.3, so maybe something borked in the update?

I checked again for errors - still none.


It’s technically correct, recurring invoices are never sent. We email the standard invoice generated by the recurring invoice. We’ll clarify it in the UI.

Have you tried updating the start date?

Yes, but I’ve tried to manually send the generated invoice a bunch of times, so something never went through.

I’m trying to update the start date, I’ll let you know how it goes when the cron runs in a few minutes.

However, after clicking “email invoice” after setting the start date to June 1, the settings for future invoices seem to have gotten messed up and will always send on the 11th. Is that an intentional change after switching the start date to the beginning of the current month? How can I change it back?

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I didn’t realize it had already been generated, in that case I’d suggest deleting one of the invoices.

You’ll need to set the start date to July 1.

Yes, everything I have been talking about has been in regards to the already generated invoice. (Trying to email it, etc.) I’m sorry if that wasn’t already clear.

Either way, with the newly generated invoice which I’m about to delete, the CRON result is the same:

“2017-06-11 07:55:02 Running SendRecurringInvoices…
1 recurring invoice(s) found
Processing Invoice 13 - Should send NO
0 due recurring invoice instance(s) found
2017-06-11 07:55:02 Done”

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Once the recurring invoice has generated the standard invoice it can’t be sent using the cron. The cron is only used to initially generate the invoice.

Are you able to email other invoices? Also, can you check your email logs.

Nothing sends. Where might the email logs be found?

Sorry for the confusion, I thought all the invoices were sent using the cron.



I am so sorry, I am an idiot. I just realized I changed my email password a few weeks ago and forgot to update it in the app… PEBKAC.

I think the “Successfully emailed invoice” message threw me - if there’s any way to check at that point whether or not a successful connection was made to the email server, I’d recommend (as a UX consultant) changing that to reflect the more accurate status.

Thanks for your help and sorry for wasting your time!


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No worries, happy you were able to figure it out.

We’ll look into improving the response message.

*fixing the response message

I’m following this thread and everything checks out (the same) except for the moment she mentioned her password.

given that I open and view via email X which I have changed the password of does this effect email Y which is used for outgoing email?