Self-Hosted Playful template doesn't display properly in Letter Page Size

Self-Hosted Playful template doesn’t display properly in Letter Page Size

A4 Page Size

Letter Page Size

The designs don’t all resize well to the different layouts, you can usually fix it by manually customizing the design. In this case on the ‘Content’ tab on /settings/customize_design search and replace the following numbers.

Search For => Replace With
515 => 533
182 => 190

Perfect! Thank you! I JUST set this up and I’m still learning, thank you for explaining that!

You need a tip jar so I can send you my “thanks” haha

Finding this years later the issue still exists. For the current version of Invoice Ninja (4.5.18), the following corrections are needed:

Search for and replace the below
515 => 533
208 => 217