Self hosted + iOS App

I have a self hosted invoiceninja.
When I want to use the iOS app, it is not really clear what I need to do.
I think I need to
insert API_SECRET into the .env file.

I was not sure if I could use any key or I need to create a key using the API Tokens in Advanced settings.

However, when I try to login in the App I heet an error

It is about the URL/api/v1/login was nog found on this server.

I don’t know what I need to do now…

U Ow. I think I just figured to out based on this post:
After I added the /public on the URL , I was able to login.
case closed :slight_smile:

If you have to add /public to your URL, then you might want to double-check your Apache/nginx config. DocumentRoot should be pointing to /path/to/ninja/public/ rather than just /path/to/ninja/. The main reason being, you don’t want your .env file to be in DocumentRoot, since that would be a pretty big security hole.