self hosted invoice ninja logo not shown on company details page


I am running invoice ninja and everything works quite well.

But I have noticed something. The company logo which is displayed beside the company name in the account dropdown is missing. And in addition to this the logo is not shown on the company details page.

When in use the iPhone App the logo is shown.

I noticed, that the url to the logo might be not correct:

when I modify the url to /ninja/public/logo/fkpbpx03qdkhiorg2wxwctmqojmrhopn.png the logo will be displayed in the browser.

Do I have a config error somewhere?

Thx for the beautiful / useful piece of software!

If you’re seeing ‘index.php’ in the URL it usually means you need to enable mod_rewrite

thx solved this now.

I am sitting behind an nginx and the apache is running on port 8000.
After I hot logout, I will be redirected to instead of

perhaps you have a solution for this, too?

… solved …
had an error in the nginx conf.