Self Hosted extremely slow

Hi…I m experiencing extreme slowness on my self-hosted Invoice Ninja in softaculose…I cant even log in as its shows an error as 'Time out exception after Future not completed"…If I tried multiple times maybe after an hour continuous attempt some time it will log in… I had updated to the latest 5.3.44 version still no luck…I m thinking is it because of the lots of data…? I have 4000 invoices and 700 clients in the current setup…Is there any option I can purge out old invoices data for the last one year…? Is that going to help to improve performance…? Or any other thoughts…? Kindly help.


Can you please check that is_large is set to true in the companies table in the database.

Hi …Can you please elaborate little more on which table in the DB…?

It’s the companies table

Which value i need to change??

That’s adjusting the structure of the table.

You want to check the data to see if is_large is true or false.

Kindly guide me where to check and how to do that.?..I not much expert on DB…thats why …sorry…!!

You can run select id, is_large from companies to check the value and update companies set is_large = 1 where id = ... to set it

Thanks…I got these two results on your first query out put…which one i have to update…?


You’ll want to set both to 1

Thanks …I had set both to 1…Is anything else I have to do? Will it improve the performance…?

One issue I noticed after updating…I m frequently logging out every few seconds when I logged in…!!

I’m not sure, maybe try the desktop app instead of the web app?

ok…Is there any option I can clear/purge old Invoice data instead of deleting the invoices.? My understanding deletion of invoices doesn’t actually delete from DB…It’s just flag as it’s been deleted…maybe clearing old data may help to perform DB better?

We’re working to add an option to purge a client along with their invoices