Self hosted , Cannot install , error oops something went wrong

Hi ,

i just tried installing Invoiceninja on my webserver but it failed at the install

its located at domain/submap
when i acces the setup trough domain/submap/public the setup procedure starts en when i enter all Database and Smtp adres info and want to test the connection it hangs on waiting…

when i submit all input it creates a DB of 1.9mb’ish and then gives me that something went wrong

in the log i see this line
The Process class relies on proc_open, which is not available on your PHP installation.

Hosting uses MYSQL with latest php
Server: Localhost via UNIX socket
Servertype: MySQL
Serverversie: 5.5.31 - MySQL Community Server (GPL)

I cannot create a DB named Ninja , but need to rely on HostingID_xxx for database creation.

I hope somebody can help me !

As per the error, you’ll need to enable proc_open to use the setup page.

If you have command line access you can setup the site manually by configuring the .env file and running php artisan migrate --seed.

Thanks for your quick response

unfortunatly i do not have command line access

i was able to open the setup page but after inputting al info and presssing submit it gave me that error.
looking at the .env file everything is filled in there properly

If you don’t have command line access you’ll need to enable proc_open.

When the setup page submits it attempts to run the artisan commands to create and initialize the database, these commands rely on proc_open.

i see.

looks like i’m f*cked then since my hosting wont allow that :frowning:

In the past other users have found that although proc_open is be disabled by default they’re able to enable it. It may be worth emailing your hosting company to check.

If you’d like I can send you a SQL file to initialize the database. The problem with this approach though is you won’t be able to update your database for future versions of our app.


I Googled yesterday and found that my hosting provider had a few request for that denying it because of shared hosting.
too bad because i really want to use it :frowning:

so this issue is just ONLY when initializing the DB ??

Say that if there is a future update and i want to update can’t i just export everything and import it again in the new install or is this alot of work ?

tested it with bitnami installer and not everything works when doing it on my local PC.

Worst case scenario is i will pay the 50$ here to support you guys allthou i do not like being on a hosted service with numerous others for security reasons …

Without proc_open (or command line access) you won’t be able to run the Artisan commands which are used to initialize and update the database as well as send recurring invoices.

Import/export may work but isn’t recommended, our updates sometimes massage the data to fit the new schema.

oh I see.

anyway as i understand it the EASY way with absolutely 0% chance of headache is to sign up with the Invoiceninja pro plan for hosting on your servers ? :slight_smile:

( great way to support aswell :wink: , it seems a really nice program ! i’ve been testing invoiceplane but altering the invoice pdf scripts and such are way above my head where with invoiceninja everything seems to be much more easy )

You are correct, using our hosted service is your easiest option.

If you change your mind after signing up we offer a 30 day guarantee.

hmm , well i might just do that to exclude massive headaches :smiley:

i asked the provider and another one that i am intending to switch to so will see what they say.

should it work out for me on my own hosting is there a way do donate aswell ?
I thank you for your quick answers and if the program itself is as good as the support response i will be very happy :wink:

It should run pretty much anywhere however it requires a particular configuration.

No need to donate, maybe you’ll end up signing up for pro or purchasing one of our self host add-ons (white-label or invoice designs).

sounds like a plan ! just emailed to the new hosting i am going to convert to next month and they support proc_open.

so just going to wait a bit more :slight_smile:

hi Hillel,

i managed to install it on my new server :wink:

just 1 question , how do i keep the TAX ( 21% in belgium ) stick with every new invoice/offer ?
it seems to dissapear everytime

We don’t currently support setting a default tax, we’ll look into it for a future release.

ok cool!

do you need further help translating to dutch ?
i see some things are incorrectly/not translated …
let me know where i find it and i will adjust it/send to you if i am capable to do it :slight_smile:

just 1 strange thing , the installation went good but when i finished inputting everything it said something went wrong again but next login was succesfull :s
was checking for the proc_open and wanted to try again but all of the sudden it works

the DB is only 0.02mb thou …

Help with the translation would be great, here’s the text file.

There should be more details about the error in storage/logs/laravel.log.

forgot to check it

its [2015-08-12 11:29:12] production.ERROR: Symfony\Component\Process\Exception\RuntimeException [0] : /home/hanspo1q/public_html/fact/vendor/symfony/process/Symfony/Component/Process/Process.php [Line 148] => The Process class relies on proc_open, which is not available on your PHP installation.
{“context”:“PHP”,“user_id”:0,“user_name”:"",“url”:“",“user_agent”:"Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/44.0.2403.130 Safari/537.36”,“ip”:“”,“count”:1}

again PRoc_open
i will email my new provider and check with them wth happened, i dont understand why i can use the system perfectly with this now …

i will adjust translation soon !