Self-hosted and Mobile app 0.1.25 not importing product descriptions


I have been using the invoice ninja mobile app for some time now.
With the recent update of the app (I think I had 0.1.14) to 0.1.25 when creating an invoice or quotation the description does not import into the products when product is selected.

When item is selected only the item code imports and no description at all.

I know this is a bug as it did not happen in the previous version and my settings are all correct.

Also if I use the other app (the one with the rectangle logo) it imports but that app is more complicated to use.

Did you recently leave a negative review about this on the play store? I’m trying to determine how many people are seeing the issue.

Can you check that ‘Auto fill’ products is enabled in the web app on Settings > Products. If it isn’t please enable it and then refresh the data in the mobile app.

Yes. Sorry. Review sorted back to positive :slight_smile: don’t worry.

Yes the option is checked. The option is the add product descriptions when selecting item. I did that. I refreshed the app.
Look you have two apps.
This one(round logo) which you recently updated and the legacy one (rectangle logo) {I try to be descriptive so other users understand}.
Now the legacy one imports the product descriptions. So my settings are correct.
Only after updating the other app did this issue begin.

Whilst we talking about this. Custom fields do not appear on new app but do on old. But that isn’t a big issue maybe you made it that way.

The description is a issue though…

Thank you ?

Thanks for the details and updating your review!

I’ll try to replicate the problem with the item details, which version of the web app are you using?

Which type of custom field are you using?

Version 4.5.8 web app. I updated that the other day as well.

OK I have attempted two custom fields. One in product and one in customer.

Product is a drop down called recurring and says yes or no.
Customer field is whatsapp for whatsapp phone number.

On the legacy app when doing an invoice the extra custom product field comes up but not as a yes or no drop down. It appears as a text field and the label is Recurring|Yes,No

At this point you will say I used the wrong custom field as I understand there are 2. One for text field and one for drop down.
No I did not. Because in the web app the custom field recurring is a drop down and appears in the product line on the invoice creator.
OK we are not dealing with the legacy app but I believed as I said earlier that it is working there so but it’s actually not.

On the new app only the standard things appear. As a matter of fact the new app displays no custom fields. None in the client section, none in the invoice section.

I logged out. Rebooted my phone. Logged back in.
My latest clients (I created 2 on the web app) have been loaded on the app so it is syncing correctly.

But still no custom fields.

I want to get this right. If you need screenshots I can upload to a drive for you. Let me know.

Thanks for the details, I’ll let you know what I find.

I should be able to get back to you by tomorrow.

I haven’t been able to reproduce the problems, custom fields work as expected for me.

If you set a value for a custom field in the web app do you see it in the mobile app?

Note: let’s only discuss the new mobile app.

Well here is the error in this screensshot.

First time I encountered this.
Basically I created a quote yesterday and I used the custom field recurring on the web app. I emailed the quote. Everything went well. Email sent. Quote showed the field in web app and on the pdf.

Now whn I use the mobile app the quote is in the list. When I click the quote the error in the screen shot appears.
I can open other invoices and quotes.

This is a different error, it will be fixed in our next release later today.

Are you seeing a problem with custom fields?

We’ve deployed v0.1.26 with a fix for the quotes error, it should be available in the store in a few hours.

OK I’ll update. And then let me see the custom fields thing as well and revert back to you… :slight_smile:

Sounds good, thanks!

OK the custom fields work now. That’s amazing.
Both on client and invoice.

The issue I had with quote and other invoices as well is fine can open them now.

But only thing not fixed is the description.

In settings for producta options are ticked.
Option to include description in drop down. Option to import description for products.

In web app its fine.

In mobile app when type an item I can see the item name and description.
When I select the item nothing in ports but the item code.

So no description comes through and also no item price comes through as well (I forgot to mention the price thing)

It just brings item name.

Can you post a screenshot of your product settings in the web app.

Hmmm… if it works in the web app then the settings shouldn’t be the issue.

Screensshot. I don’t think it’s settings.

Screensshot of mobile app

Thanks for the screenshots!

Not sure why I can’t reproduce it but I’ll keep looking into it.

You may also want to try re-installing the mobile app to see if it helps.

If you want to create a new user with no permission and send the login credentials to it may help to debug the problem.

I deleted the mobile app

Reinstalled it.

I’m also confused as to why.

I created a user and sent you an invitation by email.