Self Hosted - Am I storing credit card numbers on my site?

First off, thanks to everyone associated with this great product! I’ve got it up and running, and love it so far.

I made a test bill for myself, and paid through stripe. My question is, what data (if any) is stored, or processed by my site when it comes to payment processing? Other solutions I’ve used just put in an iframe, but this time around I couldn’t really tell. I browsed the docs, but didn’t see anything about this.

I noted this:

The Checkout payment form even has the capability to save credit card details, which enables one-click payment for returning customers. It's all about making payments painless – for you and your customers.
From here

My goal is to not store any credit card details on my server.

Thanks for the help.

The credit card details are stored on Stripe’s server, only card tokens are stored in the app