[Self-Hosted] $account.country.name variable not displaying country

For some weird reasons, $account.country.name variable is not showing the country name. It also doesn’t show if I use $accountAddress variable. I have already added my country in the Company Details under settings. All other details appear perfectly fine.

Additionally, there is no variable for Email? $account.email doesn’t appear in the variables modal too. I have also filled in the email already in the company details.

Any idea? I’m using version 4.5.17

Oh, even $account.website variable doesn’t exist too… I’ll keep adding them here as I discover…
For now, I’m just hard-coding the values instead…

I think for email you need to use $account.workEmail, I’m not sure why the other ones aren’t working though.

Same here, $account.country.* and $client.country.* don’t work. self hosted version 4.5.17.

Did they work in a previous release?

Sorry, don’t know. I changed my invoices only days ago with the current release installed.
$account.countryId shows the correct id. can i debug/verbose it somehow?

Hmm… it may depend on context, for example the preview on /invoices/edit vs clicking “View in portal” to preview it in the portal.

ohh, yes. only in desing editor it doesn’t work. sorry.

thank you.

Great, glad to hear it!