Self hosted aapanel Cron does not work or update app

Hello, good morning colleagues, greetings from Acapulco Mexico.
I just installed version 5.5.48 in aapanel in a VPS, following the official shared hosting manual, everything is working very well.
I just have some problems when updating. I have a message: Server error.
And the other is that the cron do not run, I have already scheduled the cron task from the panel and also from the Ubuntu terminal.
Thank you very much in advance for your attention.


Are there any details about the error in storage/logs?

Would these be the logs?

Do you see any errors in storage/logs?

You should be able to fix this by manually copying over the latest release tar

Do I have to update the .env file with the current data or just copy the files ?

You’ll want to keep your current .env file

Hello, I have already resolved the cron issue since the syntax for aapanel was wrong and everything was fine, however when trying to perform the manual update, as you indicated, it asked me for PHP 82, I updated PHP to 82 but it did not work, it must be topic of some extension.
Thank you so much

I will continue looking for a way to update, since this week I want to pay for my self-hosted license.