Self-host zapier "authentication failed: request to public/api/v1/ping?v2=true "

Hi, I’m trying tu use zapier to connect to my self-hosted version.

I received the following message :
“authentication failed: request to https://mydomain/public/api/v1/ping?v2=true failed, reason: unable to verify the first certificate”.

Do you have an idea ?
Thank you

How did you create the SSL cert? You may want to use letencrypt.

Thanks for your answer.

I used to create my certificate.
Is it necessary to use letsencrypt ?

Thank You

It may help…

I changed to letsencrypt but now I have this message :

authentication failed: Got 404 calling GET, expected 2xx.

I searched on the forum but it seems that I’m using the latest version of InvoiceNinja (4.5.15).
Do you have an idea ?


If you want to email the URL you use to login to the app to I can confirm if your API URL is correct.

I just emailed the URL to the provided address.

Thank you

Thanks, I believe you need to remove /public from the URL

Thank you, it works perfectly.

Glad to hear it, thanks for the update!