Self Host - Date in dashboard is not using set timezone.

One of the invoice paid date on Dashboard is showing as 18th May, though the invoice was paid on 17th after 8PM. I have my setup as EDT. I suspect the dashboard is not using the set timezone.

I noticed the same problem with Due Dates on invoices. Also, if a payment is made after 8pm, it is missing from graph on dashboard as well as from Last 30 day’s revenue (but is included from total revenue).

I’m not sure, I’ll need to look into it.

Is your server using UTC time?

My server is in America/New_York time zone.

That may be related to the problem, the application expects the server to be UTC.

Do I need to change my server’s timezone, or is this a bug?

I won’t know until I look into the issue.

I’ve checked in a fix for this issue, it will be included with our next release.