Security Updates

Hi, I found the stable version has some outdated software that influence a little bit security score.
Can you please make a fix or give me steps to fix this outdated component?
Thank you.

Invoice [v4.5.19]

Issues found by immuni web security scanner.

Not sure I understand, the scan says “no known security vulnerabilities”?

Hi, at the moment no vulnerability but 3 component are not updated.
There is a way I can update it?

If you’re a developer it should be possible. We use bower to track most JavaScript libraries, there’s some info here:

I’M not a developer, I want just to keep software update.
Thanks anyway. Your stable version has some software not updated.
If you can help with steps to fix or an update will be here.

Sorry, I don’t have any more info to share.

With the v5 release we’ll be updating all of the libraries we use.