Schedule invoice to be generated

Hi, running some tests on a self-hosted version as I have someone who is interested in using Invoice Ninja.

Is it possible to ‘schedule’ an invoice (a non recurring) on a specific date?
In this case they have a staff member who works on Fridays and creates all invoices for work performed during the week and they are to be sent to clients on the following Monday (when the admin person doesn’t work). I tried to create an invoice and set the invoice date to a future date, thinking that the cron job would send the invoice at the time but it didn’t (only recurring were sent).

Is there a way to flag an invoice ‘ready/pending’ so that it gets sent on the invoice date?

Also - where are the time zone/setting controlled in Invoice Ninja when self-hosted.
I’m noticing that all crons and log entries are performed and recorded in GMT time - even though the current server time is set to GMT+10.


PS - the timezone is also set to GMT+10 in Localisation in the settings for Invoice Ninja.

You may be able to use the reminder feature on Settings > Templates & Reminders

The app expects the server to be set to UTC, you can configure the timezone in the .env file using APP_TIMEZONE

Thanks Hillel, and would the time zone format be for example ‘Australia/Sydney’ or something different?
Search through the documentation for APP_TIMEZONE and time zone but could only find info about the Settings page.

To clarify - if the time zone is controlled in .env what does the time zone in the Settings control?

Should I also changed the ‘APP_LOCALE=en’ to en_AU if I have created language files for en_AU?

In regards to your option of “You may be able to use the reminder feature on Settings > Templates & Reminders”:
Do you mean to set the first reminder to for example X days before due date and adjust the text in the template removing reminder etc?

I’m sorry, I’m not sure. These are Laravel settings, you’ll need to test to figure it out.

Yes, that’s correct.