Save sent emails, IMAP instead of SMTP

Hello all,
My specific problem is clients not getting emails, It could be a spam problem, although SPF records are set correctly and the client does get emails I send through outlook.

I can send myself emails just fine and they arrive quickly and correctly.

Seeing as my shared hosting provider doesnt appear to allow me access to the email logs, and SMTP has no “Sent” box…Is there a way to send the emails through IMAP instead perhaps…that way I could confirm the send and I DO have access to the IMAP logs.

I am somewhat new to this level of depth in email configuration, there are no errors in the system log of invoiceninja and the database has nothing pending either


It may help to test your email with

@david do you have any thoughts?

If there are no errors in Invoice Ninja it means the email is successfully being passed from Invoice Ninja into your mail server.

I would suggest adding a BCC email to your outgoing emails to yourself, at least this way you can confirm the email server is functioning

Thank you both! I will give the BCC a go and monitor, ill also try sending some test quotes and invoices to a range of domains and see whats going on.

My guess is that the email is sending correctly, but maybe getting caught by a spam filter…not a domain level spam filter but perhaps something like mailchannels or similar…

Thank you for the assistance :slight_smile: