Same Payment gateway multiple times

Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere but I was not able to find it. I would like to set up paypal twice as a payment gateway. Is there a way to do that and choose on a invoice-level which one will be used or at least have them both show to the client?


You can configure this at the company/group/client level but not at the invoice level.

You could have both shown to the client.

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How can I show them both to the client? If I have them both configured, only one is currently showing. And there doesn’t seem to be a way to rename them.

Alternatively, can I assign those two to different users writing the invoice?

@david can you please advise?

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We have a short video on this here:

You can lock down the gateway to a Group which can then be assigned to a client.

The other option is you can lockdown the gateways using a amount range, ie.

Gateway 1 $1-500
Gateway 2 >$500

For this second option you do not have to assign the gateway to a group, the system will only look at the amount and assign the gateway that fits the criteria.

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Awesome, thank you! Unfortunately this doesn’t completely get me where I need to get too yet. It looks like I can’t assign those Groups to Users, only clients, correct?


What is the use case here? Did you want to assign a gateway to a particular receiving party?

In that case, could you not link the client still?

Yes I want to link the receiving party, but they sometimes bill the same client which is my problem. I know this might not be the most common scenario but its what I need :sweat_smile: