Round to nearast whole number + local format

-Located in Sweden.
-Currency ‘krona’ and ‘öre’. 1 kr = 100 öre = ~0,1 USD
-Installed via softaculous on VPS with Ubuntu 22.04, 2 vCPU, 4 GB RAM
-Current IN client version on win 11 desktop v5.7.11-W123 (getting error 500 when trying to force update).
-Have ‘know little about alot’ technical skills.

New to IN and have decided to use it for my company, it’s really a great product you’ve created. After installing and setting it up I have a few issues it would be great to get input on.

  1. I can’t find a way to equalize/round to nearast whole numbers in totals etc. In Sweden we generally always round up to closest whole “krona” as ‘ören’ is basically useless these days. Is there a way?

Product 1 price (ex tax) 219 kr + tax 25% = 273,75 kr = should be rounded up to 274 kr

We have 25% tax pretty much on everything (few exceptions) and in B2B you never discuss prices with tax included, it’s always ex tax which is always added on the last row. Because of this it’s not possible to use the “prices including tax”, it would look very strange and create discussions.

Possible workaround would be to remove the decimals in the system.

  1. Local format on address.
    In Sweden we have city after postal nr which I can’t seem to find a way to fix. When creating an invoice and/or client we auto get the format City/postal nr. Any workaround for this?

Name Surname
Streetname 11
123 45 Cityname

  1. After editing invoice design I get error on logo image despite not changing <img class="company-logo" src="$company.logo" alt="$ logo">. Trying to find issue via dev tools but the pdf embed is not giving me the code. Any spontanious tips on this?

Again, it’s an impressive system you guys created. Would love to use it so any input is greatly appreciated.
Best regard


  1. I don’t believe this is currently supported, I suggest creating an issue on GitHub to request it: Issues · invoiceninja/invoiceninja · GitHub

Note: it may be possible to adjust the currencies table in the database and the load /update?secret= but in general we advise against making changes to the database.

  1. You can change which address filed is selected on Settings > Invoice Design > Client Details

Big thanks for very quick reply! Okay, I’ll keep looking for a solution/workaround and also see how I enter issues on github.
Reg address order, of course you’re right :see_no_evil: Must have looked at that setting 50 times and still haven’t seen it. Again, thanks!

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