RfP: xRechnung module or modification

maybe someone which is already experienced in Invoiceninja development could send us a quotation for implementing either xRechnung (German governmental eInvoicing standard) either as a separate module or as a modification of the existing UML export.
AFAIK xRechnung is based on UML already, but contain some additional specification which are mandatory, such as:

  • LeitwegID
  • Orderreference

I could provide valid example files a a reference
If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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We recommend this company for custom feature development.

Just in case somebody stumbles upon this topic. Meanwhile we developed a module modification of the UBL export to make it working with xRechnung (aka ZUGFeRD aka Electronic Invoices for German Governmental entities). So, If you are interested in this topic or module, please feel free to ping me.

@bhinzer we’d be interested in looking into this, the hardest part for us is understanding the local laws.

If you have done this, it is simple for us to integrate into the core of the application.

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At the moment it’s “only” a modification of the UBL feature, which is the basis for xRechnung / ZUGFeRD invoices. Maybe you could point us to a short doc how to add another feature-toggle / setting, so we can integrate the module properly.

Also we need to come up with some basic documentation as 2 fields are mandatory (Leitweg-ID for the client and Orderreference for the project/invoice) and we are now using custom variables to apply them.

I guess it wouldn’t be too hard to also make this usable for other electronic invoices of other countries.