Reverse proxy causes functionality loss

Self-hosted – CENTOS7 – PHP Version 7.3.16 – Inv Ninja ver: v4.5.18
Reverse proxy Caddy v1

It seems then if I use the site via reverse proxy most of IN is broken (not looks wise), things like the Dashboard do not show (see attached photo - top is via reverse proxy, bottom is direct to web server), and I cannot see created Customers, I cannot save Invoice drafts, etc.

using IN when I point directly to the webserver everything works as expected.

I’ve been searching for hours and haven’t come up with anything similar happening.

display issues

Caddy config:

 header / {
    # Enable HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)
    Strict-Transport-Security "max-age=31536000;"
    # Enable cross-site filter (XSS) and tell browser to block detected attacks
    X-XSS-Protection "1; mode=block"
    # Disallow the site to be rendered within a frame (clickjacking protection)
    X-Frame-Options "DENY"
    # Prevent search engines from indexing (optional)
    X-Robots-Tag "none"

proxy /  {


    tls {
    dns cloudflare

Maybe this will help:

Unfortunately not - I’m using Apache/httpd

I am at a loss as to why running through the proxy causes this functionality loss - nothing in the logs, etc.

Another thing to check:

yes I’ve added that to my .env as well - no dice

Sorry, out of ideas…

I hear ya… appreciate the help/info.

I’ll probably just end up going back to InvoicePlane at this point - it works without issues.

Haha… dig

All the best!

I was running mine behind NGiNX with no problems. I will add an update later with my config.

To understand why you are having trouble, you must understand that a proxy server is a computer that mediates between a user’s computer and other serverst. All user requests and responses from the network go through the proxy server. When a subscriber goes online from his PC, his IP address is transmitted to the servers he makes requests. The advantage of paid servers is the simultaneous use of several proxy servers. Therefore, the quality of communication is compromised when using free proxy servers. If they work intensively, they can let the client down at any moment. To avoid such situations, I bought a proxy and maybe you will need one too Tell me, were you able to solve your situation?