Restrict company access by user

I’m using your Ninja Pro service. I’m partnering with somebody else on a new venture.

So I created a new company in my account. But I suspect this won’t work as I can’t restrict the other user to access my other companies information in InvoiceNinja.

Does Enterprise service enable me to restrict certain users to certain companies in my account or do I have to open a seperate Ninja Pro account for this?

The enterprise plan enables adding users to a particular company and limiting their permissions.

Okay, so I can add a new company and add a user to this and this user can’t switch for example to my account settings and other companies?

I guess I read that in your answer, but just wanted to be absolutely sure before upgrading my plan.

Yes, that is correct.

Tried to upgrade, but invoice amount seems strange.

I have to pay $106.16 for Enterprise plan because unused credit $13.84.

But my One year enrollment in the Invoice Ninja Pro Plan has invoice date Feb 10 2017 so I would assume that this amounts to more unused credit?

It could be a bug, if you email us at we’ll work with you to figure it out.