Reset "Marked as viewed"


I set up a BCC email for sending invoices and when I received the copy in my inbox, I clicked on the “view invoice” link just to make sure it worked. It did as expected but in the process I accidentally marked the invoice as viewed. Is there a way to reset this status?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry, we don’t currently support manually resetting the status.

Follow up question: If I access the client’s dashboard via “View client portal” from the admin area and view their invoices, will they also be marked as viewed?

We add ?silent=true to the links in the app to prevent the invoices from being marked as viewed.

That’s great info. Thanks, Hillel! :slight_smile:

Sorry to revive an old thread - but I have done the exact same thing.

I understand it is not officially supported, however, if I wanted to change an invoice manually from “viewed” back to “sent” on a selfhost could I do this by changing the value of “invoice_status_id” from a 3 to a 2 for the particular invoice?

We strongly advise against manually updating the database.

If you decide to try it please make sure to backup your database.