Reset invoice counter to 0

I’m using v4.5.5 on my self-hosted system. I started testing the application and therefore I created 2 invoices. Then I added my real clients and generated real invoices. The problem now is that I have the wrong invoice numbers in the application.

I’ve found no way to delete/reset the invoices. The only way that I see it to completely remove all data (delete DB?) and import the backups from the customers, products, and so on (except the invoices). Then I would have to manually create each invoice (which would not be a big problem). I would only use this option if there is no other way to reset/delete every invoice completely from the system.

What are my possibilities to start with 0 in the invoice counter?

Thanks for your help and input.

Greetings from Austria,

To maintain consistency in the database, they have it set that even if an invoice is deleted, you can’t re-use the number. (Deleted invoices are still present in the DB, just not shown).

The simplest thing to do would be to go into Settings > Invoice Settings, alter the Prefix or Pattern, and then set the Counter back to 1.

You can permanently delete invoices by either purging the client or the entire company.