Request: Make Pay Now Buttons more customizable

Hi! I just love Invoice Ninja! Also I’d like to apologize for any grammar mistakes, especially commas. :slight_smile:

We’re a small B&B and have always looked for ways to receive guest credit cards for upcoming stays as a guarantee in case of no-show.
In our country there were limited options, only pay in advance with Paypal or Bank Transactions. There was no way to get CC details securely as most online services use Stripe as payment gateway, which is not supported in our country.

As Invoice Ninja uses Braintree payments we gave it a go and I must say, I’m really liking it. Especially the pay now button.

Our booking engine has the possibility to send out custom emails which we put together with using code they supply us, like %firstname%, %lastname%, %email% and more.

We don’t like taking full payments in advance. We found that guests prefer to pay when they arrive. And a lot of times there’s a “Cart abandonment” when they see Paypal.

What I’m looking for is a way to send an invoice (which I customize to be a Pro-Forma invoice), that can ask for 1€ (just to get the CC in Braintree) in payment and specify the reservation number in the Product Name or in the Description. And/or specify the total value of the reservation in the Balance Due or again in the Description.

This is mostly for formalities so the guest is informed in the document to which reservation it is referring to and the value of the reservation.

The easiest way for this would probably actually be to specify NOTE TO CLIENT data, like:

Note to client:

This document is referring to Reservation %reservation%
with a total value of %value%
Check-in: %checkin%
Check-out: %checkout%

Maybe put a character counter in case HTTP GET request size is already a limitation.


I’d like to ask for more fields in the Pay Now Buttons.

The fields I would need are custom product field or description where I could specify something like “RESERVATION #123”.
Custom price field or again a description where I could fill the value of the reservation.


Please note reservations can vary from 50€ up to 1000€ so it would be useless to predetermine products with values.

You may be able to accomplish this with Zapier:

We’ll look into adding support for custom fields in buy now buttons in our next release.

Yep made it work with Zapier. Not ideal due to additional costs, but we’ll see… Maybe 100 zaps is enough.

Thanks :slight_smile: