Reports not exporting correctly - React UI

Unable to Export reports for correct time span as set above. In addition, within settings I have configured July to be the start of the Calendar year, but it will always export from January.

All reports attempted have same issue.


@david @ben any thoughts?

what date range do you get if not between 1/6/2022 and june 30 2023?

1st of January to the day of the report request.


I am still having this issue.

Do you have any fix I can implement?



Have you tested on v5.6.4 ?

Yes, I’m on the latest version.

To Clarify - the date select field now works, but what doesn’t work as it properly should is the “xxx year” option:

It does not respect the setting on the localization page, e.g. the reports will show from Jan to Present time regardless of the setting. This issue is not just present in reports, all graphs on the dashboard also display the same issue.

Dashboard Graphs:

Localization Settings:

This is only an issue in the React UI.


Just wanted to see if there had been any progress on this issue, or if this is caused by something environmentally on my end.