Reports and products

Don’t know how to classify this properly, but I think that I’m missing something here or this is a bug.

I have some products, which I’m selling to my clients. For each client, descriptions have added some extra info, depending on the client or in second type - custom field.

Problem is that Reports doesn’t show correct information about products, but shows every product plenty of times… like every client+product is different… maybe it’s because of description, but that shouldn’t work like that, because Product is the same, just description or custom field value is different sometimes.

Data visualizations tool shows statistics correctly.

Is it possible you’re misunderstanding the products report, it shows all the products included in invoices.

Yes, they are the same in invoices. Just descriptions are little a bit edited for every invoice.
Reports should have statistics for all products, how much does it make for a company…, but not separated for each client.
At least there should be chouse for that.

Thanks, I understand now. We’ll look into adding a totals section to the report.

Yes, that would be nice to see totals for each product in different periods. Thanks.

I would also love to see this feature!