Report Export – XLSX and CSV Amount format

InvoiceNinja : 4.5.9
Debian GNU/Linux 9.7 (stretch)
Nginx : 1.10.3
MariaDB : 10.1.37
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in the exports, the amounts and the currency symbol are joined in the same field and is formatted (-3’500.00 CHF). This is interpreted as text, not number, with LibreOffice.

It would be nice if the amount and the currency symbol will be inserted in separated columns and if the amount would be a pure number, without formatting…


Thanks for the feedback! We’ll look into it.

Wooww, what a fast answer !

Thank you for your quick reaction and professionalism !



I second the problem with “Amount” being formatted as text - you have to manually change the formatting and fix stuff up if you want to create any relevant reports based on the export. I also noticed today that some amounts are exported as 99.00 whereas some other suddenly have 99,00 - so some amounts have dot and some have a comma - which also further complicates things.

Would really appreciate if this would be fixed :slight_smile:


The comma and dot thing actually seems to be also present in the UI:

Checked the DB and the values are stored correctly in the database itself - they just seem to be shown wrong randomly in the web UI and in the export.

Since currencies are a table of its own and the amount column only includes the amount as number - it would be ideal if the export function would have a separate column for currencies - that way you can easily filter by currency and the amount column can be formatted as number since it would not contain currency text anymore.

I’ll put this on github as feature request as well.

Has there been any development in regards to this?

No, we’re currently focused on v2

Will v2 have this fixed?

I am doing a custom script to pull out all the stuff from the DB and make a report out of it. However I am stuck with “currency” - where in the DB might I find the currency ID that I can then pair with invoice id so that I can see in which currency an invoice was payed.

The currency is either set on the client or account