Report chart doesn't work anymore

Hello there,

I’m using IN v5.8.9. Since some versions the report chart doesn’t work anymore. It’s irrelevant which report, group or range I choose.


There is no error visible in my browser developer console and I can’t find an error in laravel.log or invoiceninja.log. Any advice for me?


What version do you see in the about dialog in the app?

The version is 5.8.9-I148.

The version is for the iOS app whereas the screen recording is the desktop/web app?

You’re right, I‘m sorry. Web App Version is v5.8.9-C148.

Do you see the same problem in the iOS app?

Yes it’s the same problem in web, iOS, macOS and Windows 11.

Does the report in the demo work for you:

Also, are you certain there are no errors in the browser console?

If you want to add as a user I can try to reproduce the problem in your account.

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Does the report in the demo work for you:

I didn’t know this demo. I’m able to reproduce it there, but I have to correct myself. Not every report is broken, but this ones:

  1. Credit with groups Date, Valid Until,
  2. Credit item with group Credit Date,
  3. Expense with group Date
  4. Invoice with groups Date or Due Date
  5. Invoice Item with group Invoice Date

I didn’t check more reports, but it seems that every report with a subgroup is defect.

Also, are you certain there are no errors in the browser console?

In the demo I get errors! I’m not sure if they correspond to my problem or indicate another problem. Here are the relevant lines:

unreachable code after return statement main.foss.dart.js:158554:1
unreachable code after return statement main.foss.dart.js:324105:1
Flutter Web Bootstrap: Auto. main.foss.dart.js:10419:28
wasm streaming compile failed: TypeError: WebAssembly: Response has unsupported MIME type 'application/octet-stream' expected 'application/wasm' canvaskit.js:95:266
falling back to ArrayBuffer instantiation canvaskit.js:95:306

Thanks, that’s helpful. I’ll look into it.

I’m able to reproduce the problem and have checked in a fix.

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In the hosted version it shows a graphic but it’s not showing any comulative data which was in previous 4version