Reoccurring invoices date/time is wrong.

Hi, I’m self-hosting with v4.5.9.

My date/time is correct on my Linux server, but I think my time must be wrong on Invoice Ninja. I have set the localization to my correct time zone.

When I send a reoccurring invoice, I choose the first date of the month and choose monthly invoices. Today is the 1st of November, at 20:15, and yet when I send my invoice, it records the “Sent Last” entry as November 2nd, but it is still the 1st in my time zone.

When it comes to December 1st, when I am ready to send this month’s invoice, I have to reset the start date in order to send my invoice on the 1st and not the 2nd of December. Do you know what might be causing this issue?