Reoccurring invoices and credit cards

Do you need to globally select “auto bill” and “token based billing” in order for credit cards to be automatically charged on the renewal date, or does Invoice Ninja automatically set these options for re-occuring invoices?

Token billing needs to be enabled on /settings/online_payments to capture the card and auto-bill needs to be enabled on the recurring invoice to bill the card.

Thanks Hillel,

Does the payment page look any different for reoccurring ones - i.e. does it say on the payment page “this is a monthly payment” or is it down to putting that in the description on the invoice page?

If token billing is set to opt in/out there’s an extra checkbox, otherwise it’s the same.

I’m having an issue where the client wants to keep a credit card on file for regular invoices but a different credit card on file only for reoccurring. Is this possible or does the system only store 1 credit card at a time via the payment gateway (stripe or braintree). Doesn’t seem like it is, this would be very helpful. (Token billing is set to always)

You’d need to create two separate client records, one to store each card.

I see. I would love to put in a feature request if it’s possible for this option. The two client records is a usable work around for now but I do like to keep all client records and invoices under one entry if possible of course.

We’ll keep it in mind for the future but this is the first time I’ve heard this request.

My clients tend to keep one card for incidentals and a different card for reoccurring expenses like monthly services. I’m sure others have run into this and probably just created a new payment page (leaving the other CC on file) but my clients are lazy and love hitting the pay now button on invoices! haha thats what happens when you spoil people :wink: