Reoccurring Credit/Debit Card charging - how to?

Hi All,

New to Invoice Ninja (self hosted). I’m looking at ways to acheive re-occurring monthly credit card charging (in the UK). How could I achieve this? Or is this beyond the scope of Invoice Ninja?

THanks for any help.

Also, in the case that Invoice Ninja can achieve this, are the credit card details stored in the local database?

You should be able to use Stripe.

No, the card details are stored by the payment gateway.

Hi Hillel,

Can it also be done using PayPal (I only ask as that may be more familiar over here in the UK to end users than Stripe)?

(This is self hosted)

And I’ve just watched this video on integration with Stripe:

Is that last payment page on my own server (under my own domain) or is it an iFrame/page on the Stripe servers?


We support token billing with PayPal by using Braintree.

Thanks Hillel,

Sorry I edited my question as you replied. I added:
Is (generally) the payment page on the InvoiceNinja end, or at the gateway? (i.e. do you ahve to customise the payments page to look like its on your own site?)

I’ll read up about Braintree etc. Just looking for the docs…

It depends on the gateway/payment type, for credit card payments with Stripe and Braintree the payment is in the app on your domain.

THanks Hillel.

I would probably use either of them.

I’m getting the impression in some articles that you prefer Stripe over Paypal? If this is correct, is there a general reason?

I ass only so I can focus my efforts on the right one (or perhaps both) - I don’t want to use one if there are some ongoing issues (particularly with auto-billing).

Many thanks.

Do you mean over Braintree?

There are pros and cons to each… Stripe supports ACH whereas Braintree supports PayPal.