Removed secondary company in my account - can no longer log in

I had 2 companies running under my account on the invoiceninja website. I deleted the secondary company as I’m no longer associated with them, and now I can’t log into invoiceninja at all or get access to my primary company.


I suggest using the recover link on the login page to try setting a new password.

I tried that first, doesn’t recognize my email any longer. i’m 100% sure i clicked remove company and not remove account.

If you have two companies the app will only allow you to delete one company at a time, the current selected company is the one deleted.

Each company in an account has its own email and password, is it possible you’re using the wrong email address?

interesting, thought I had only used one account… i’ll test that theory… maybe my memory is a sieve.

edit: yup, I must have forgotten I had a separate account. access restored, thanks!