Remove public node from table-totals


I customized with invoice ninja 5 a lot now in the last 2-3 days. Now I have 1 problem with the table-totals.
I saw, that in that table there are a lot of variables:

subtotal , discount , total …


$terms and $public_note

I want the public notes above the product table. Is there a way to remove the public note from this table so I can use only the variable above the product table ?

Greetings Epytir


I assume it should be possible with a custom design.

@ben maybe we can add this to the list of common changes?

Yes I use a custom design but I got some formatting issues.
When I use all variables in a table (one by one by myself) when for example an invoice have no discount in the invoice is discoung 0€ in the section in the “normal” design with the table-totals variable empty values disapper.

Thanks, I’ve pushed common snippets in upcoming update.

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