Remove Client ID from client-details <div> in Invoice Design

As per the title, is there a way to remove the client-id from the client-details

in an Invoice/Quote design?


You can configure which fields are shown on Settings > Invoice Design

Hi, in Settings > Invoice Design, I can add ID Number for client or remove it but it is always displayed.

After removing the Client ID in Settings → Invoice Design → Client Details you probably need to edit and resave the invoice.

Ah, why do you mention “<div>” in your title? Do you use a customized invoice design and have you maybe manually build the client id into Settings → Invoice Design → General Settings → Customize → §design_name → Edit → Body?

Hi. I mentioned the

tag as I noticed that it was where the generated client details would appear. I suppose I can add my own fields in the html template, I just thought that removing the Client Id using the‘settings - Invoice Design ‘ would work, which doesn’t seem to be the case

But it does work–at least for me. Have you pressed the Save button in the top left corner after changing it?

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, for me at least, none of the settings seem to be applied via the gui.

@david @ben any thoughts?

If you edit your invoice design and nothing changes then your invoice PDFs might not be generating. Is there anything in your laravel.log file?


Are you resaving the invoice after making any design changes? this is needed in order for the PDF to regenerate.

I’ve tested again, and I can show/hide the Client ID field by resaving the invoice after making a design change.