Reminders genarating new invoices

I’m having a problem in the last few days.

I put in the second reminder a little fee amount to add in the invoice if it’s not paid.
I remember that in the begining was working, but i notice now is creating a new invoice with this amount and I don’t know way. Before it was adding the amount to the invoice.

I looked for a configuration, no luck.

Can someone help me with that?


@david any ideas?

If you have invoice locks turned on, we add the late fees into a new invoice, this was implemented for compliance in EU regions.

Hi @david ,

The invoices are locked after payment, not before.

Do I need to use “no lock” for the invoices to work correctly?

I’ll change the logic here, currently we lock regardless when attempting to add the fees, but I think in this scenario, the lock should not appy.

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