Reminder Emails

We currently have weekly reminder emails enabled for unpaid invoices. This works fine for most recurring, auto billed invoices. However, in order to have a recurring invoice be auto billed via ACH (for clients who prefer that method) in Invoice Ninja, the invoice has to be sent at least 10 days in advance. This presents two problems:

  1. It implies the invoiced amount is due now and prompts the client for payment since we’re sending an actual invoice with a payment link instead of a notice of future auto bill (not ideal); and

  2. It results in the client receiving an invoice reminder after 7 days, even though no payment is yet due since it’s scheduled to be auto billed on the 10th day (also not ideal).

Is there any way to customize the reminder email settings for a specific recurring invoice? Or, better yet, can Invoice Ninja please add the ability to auto bill ACH on the send date (since this is very much OK if you already have a written agreement with the client), or at least add the ability to send advance auto bill notifications instead of an actual invoice for recurring ACH auto bill invoices?


v5 supports setting different reminder settings for individual clients, I’m not aware of a solution in v4.

Thanks. When will v5 be available for app users (not self-hosted)?

Hopefully in a few months, we don’t have an exact date yet