Release 5.6.30 not build/released on docker


I don’t know if it’s me doing something wrong but I don’t see version 5.6.30 released on docker hub as invoiceninja normally is.
Is this wrong or has an error happened in the deployment pipeline?

Thanks for a great application.

// Mark


Thanks for letting us know, @david any ideas?

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@david - No news about the missing release on docker?

Sorry for the delay, the release should now be available.

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@hillel thanks I can see it and also the later 5.6.31…

Thanks for the help.

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Hi guys,

Don’t what to make any trouble but just to make your guys aware of this problem.

Now with version 5.7’s patch releases .1 + .2 + .3 + .4 is not release in the dockerfiles repo and thereby not build and pushed on dockerhub.

Also my instance said that I need to upgrade from 5.6.31 to 5.7.3 - den updating (docker-compose down + pull + up) now it’s saying that I need and update from 5.7.0 or 5.7.3 (and it don’t see the current release 5.7.4) so there is 2 problems as I see it with the docker pipeline/actions to docker images.

  1. not reporting correct available version 5.7.3 (current release in main is 5.7.4)

  2. not building every release from the invoiceninja/invoiceninja

@david can you please advise?

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