Refund Processed Email

In V4 I would receive a copy of the email that the customer received notifying them that a refund is being processed. I just processed a refund in V5 and selected the option to email the customer. I am no longer receiving the email that the customer is, stating the refund is being processed. Is there a setting for me to change to be copied on this email?


You can set a BCC email on Settings > Email Settings to receive all client emails.

Yes there is a BCC set up which was set up in V4 and just verified it carried over in V5. I processed a refund and chose the option to email client just as I have always done in V4. I never received a copy of the email and have no proof it was emailed to the customer. I verified in Stripe and the refund did process but just no copy of email confirming to customer. Not sure if customer received an email or not.

@david any thoughts, is it possible the BCC isn’t applied here?