Reduce whitespace between invoice header and content

I’m using the Bold theme, and at present for bigger invoices/quotes there tends to be multiple pages when there doesn’t necessarily need to be. If you try the bold invoice, you’ll see there’s a lot of aesthetic whitespace between the accent-coloured header, and the page contents (starting with “Your Invoice”).

I’ve tried customizing the page’s content margins to make the whitespace smaller, by clicking on the ‘Customize Invoice’ button and then going to the margins tab, and changing the second (y-margin) attribute from ‘80’ to ‘30’. However, this seems to push the actual header (including my company address, contact info, etc) up and off of the page. I’m wondering whether I’m doing something wrong and whether anyone has actually managed to make that margin smaller on the bold invoice design.

Thanks for your advice!

I figured it out, for anyone who is looking for an answer in the future!

You need to go into the Content tab, find the stack with ‘yourInvoice’, and reduce the margin in there. That way, the actual content’s margins are reduced, instead of reducing page margins, which breaks the header.

Glad to hear it, thanks for sharing the solution!