Recurring Stripe

We have about 30 existing Stripe Subscribers on several different plans. I think our intent is to just leave those be and when we onboard a new client we will create a new subscription via a recurring invoice with InvoiceNinja. Makes sense.

We are assuming with InvoiceNinja when we create a new client and do a recurring invoice this creates a new plan in Stripe? (OR, are we upside down and need more info about how existing plans can work with InvoiceNinja?)

Depending on the answer to the above statement… what are the parameters of the Plan as far as ID goes, you have a box for ITEM & DESCRIPTION does one of these get hooked into stripe and create a plan?

If we don’t put an “end date” will that break something - what do you recommend for a recurring billing with no perceived end date?

Thanks for all your help.

Invoice Ninja doesn’t create plans in Stripe, the recurrence is handled by Invoice Ninja. This enables us to support recurring invoices for all of the 50+ payment gateways we support.

The first time the invoice is paid we capture a token for the user’s card, assuming auto-billing is enabled we then use the token to auto-pay their future invoices.

Leaving the end date as blank means the recurring invoices will continue until they’re manually stopped (ie, by archiving\deleting the invoice).

Perfect. Thank you.

I was styling and creating a recurring invoice yesterday. I never (don’t think I) pressed “send” but received a notification the invoice was sent in our accts email. It does appear in the dashboard that it was sent. Do you think this is a glitch or do you think I pressed “send” instead of “save”? It’s possible I made a mistake.

For Quantity I assume we put “1” to charge the card once per month the recurring amount.

Thank you for all your help.

Assuming you created a recurring invoice if the start date is today or in the past the next invoice will be sent when you click ‘save invoice’. If the date is in the future the invoice should only be sent if you click ‘email invoice’ or on the new start date.

The quantity can be any number, the card will be charged the full invoice amount each recurrence.